TRUFC places the welfare and safety of children as a primary concern. As a member of the RFU, we have adopted the RFU’s policy and procedures as set out on their safeguarding children webpage. We aim to create an environment in which: A. the youngsters in the Club and their parents can be confident that they are properly cared for, and B. the coaches themselves operate to high standards which do not leave them exposed to criticism.

The Club has a disciplinary panel of child welfare experts to review and make determinations on sensitive cases. Furthermore, the Club actively monitors the CRB disclosure reports of its coaches and volunteers. Should any child or parent wish to raise a concern or make a complaint, they should address it to the Child Welfare Panel. Any issue raised will be handled in confidence.


The RFU website has links to videos that show simple exercise routines which can help to minimise the chances of certain types of injuries to the:

  • Ankles
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Trunk

Click RFU video to access the videos and see how you can minimise injuries.


Coaches, team managers or first aiders can obtain a copy of the Incident Form here. The form is used to document any injury that requires a hospital visit during training or in a match to either Tarleton or opposition players when at home. They may also use it to document any serious incident like stamping or any serious infringement that may result in an injury or may need an inquiry into the incident. These forms must be returned to the Healthcare Coordinator for assessment.

With regard to Player Safety, all mini and junior home matches will usually have a first aider on site. Their name and location will be written on notices in the treatment room and at the food kiosk. A Consent Form is incorporated into the registration pack at the beginning of the season and so allows basic treatments to be carried out.

It is suggested that every age group keep a list of players with allergies or health problems in the first aid bags. Any parent not willing to sign the form must be prepared to go to every training session and match to provide their own first aid.

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